How the world sees us

As individuals, we put a lot of effort into how we want the rest of the world to see us, whether online or in real life. However, the way we present ourselves on social media is different from how we really are, because in social media we only put our best face forward, what our followers expect of us.


Some people are very concerned about how they present themselves. Dancers are a prime example of this, as they have a reputation to maintain and must be professional on their social media to keep their job. 


This report gives you an insight into how two professional dancers live this conditioning. Hamish Scott, a dancer who is part of well-known shows such as the Nutcracker and Swan Lake at the Birmingham Royal Ballet, and Molly Nelson as a professional dancer in contemporary dance.


Finally, you will hear the opinion of the expert in social media and communication, Dave Harte. He will give you a broad vision of the pressure and commitment that exists today with social networks, and therefore, how it affects us in our daily lives.